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PRICE INCREASE ALERT  |  Click here for information about the increased prices being introduced across our product range from July

July 2021 price increases


From 1 July 2021, all of our products will be subject to new, increased prices. Any orders placed before 30 June, for delivery before 31 July, will be exempt from these price increases.

Global shipping costs are showing no sign of returning to anything close to pre-Covid rates. Although we were expecting the import of goods to be expensive this year, we couldn’t have guessed just how expensive it’s proving to be – the price to import a single shipping container has at times reached levels 10-times higher than it would have cost in 2020.

To make matters worse, inland UK haulage tariffs have also gone up. Our haulage partners have given us a catalogue of reasons for the necessary increases in their prices, which includes: increased nationwide road congestion; a shortage of UK drivers due to training being unavailable to new drivers during lockdowns; the impact of Brexit on the number of European drivers working in the UK; congested depots; rail capacity is full… the list goes on.

So, not only is it costing more to get goods into the ports, it’s also costing more to then get the goods from the ports to our warehouses, then from our warehouses to you. Every part of the process has seen cost increases. Sadly, we can’t absorb these unbelievably steep increases on our own, so have reluctantly made the decision to adjust our prices accordingly.