We produce high quality products in a wide variety of materials. Our portfolio naturally includes willow, but we also excel in production of baskets, hampers and boxes produced from seagrass, rush, pine wood, tung wood, green ash and polywicker.

  • Crude Rush
  • Seagrass
  • Green Ash
  • Pine wood
  • Polywicker
  • Willow
  • Processed Rush
  • Chip wood


All of our baskets are made from the very highest quality autumn willow with a wide variety of options available, namely: full buff willow which has had the bark steamed into it; double steamed willow which creates a dark brown/chocolate appearance from the tannin being imparted into it; unpeeled willow which has the bark left on it; or, dyed willow which can be painted to a pre-determined colour.

  • Antique Wash
  • Full Buff Willow
  • Buff & White Willow
  • Buff & Unpeeled Willow
  • Double Steamed Willow
  • Unpeeled & Buff Willow
  • Split Willow
  • White Painted
  • White Wash
  • Light Double Steamed


We have a huge number of lining options which can be added to our products for practicality or to increase perceived value. Linings can be sewn into our baskets or alternatively elasticated or tied so that they may be easily removed and re-attached.

  • Hessian
  • Cotton Lining
  • Pantone specific linings
  • Red & white lining
  • Patterned fabric


With a little bit of time we can create the most amazing bespoke branding for you or your clients. We can provide full leather colour printed or embossed leather labelling, ribbons, branded linings, paint sprayed logos, branded leather or faux leather straps as well as our unique "signature" metal plaques.

  • Printed Logo
  • Ribbon
  • Metal Plaque
  • Fretwork
  • Stencil
  • Pantone Match
  • Leather Labels

Fittings & fixtures

We use the highest quality fixtures in our baskets and we can vary the contents and fittings to suit every budget and customer colour profile.

  • Pantone specific faux leather
  • Tan faux leather
  • Double real leather
  • Metal clasp
  • Tan real leather
  • Stainless steel nuts & bolts
  • Wood effect cutlery
  • Cream faux leather
  • Stainless steel cutlery


Our baskets can be produced with a host of different style of handles to achieve classic or contemporary looks. We will you use our vast knowledge when helping you choose the correct style for your application - different handles have different load tolerances as well as aesthetic considerations.

  • Bar Handle
  • Static Handle
  • Swing Handle
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Ear Handle
  • Integral Handle
  • Rope Handle
  • Suitcase Handle
  • Wooden Handle
  • Soft Handle

Buckles & Closures

We have a wide variety of closure methods to choose from when selecting a bespoke lidded basket. Options available can be affected by budgetary constraint, colourway or technical specification.

  • Fixed strap & buckle
  • Bar Strap & buckle
  • Loose strap & buckle
  • Figure 8 Clasp
  • Velcro strapping
  • Metal clasp
  • Recessed lid

Borders & Bindings

By altering the border weave of the basket you can radically change the look, feel and strength of your product.

  • Thick border
  • Slewed border
  • Single binding
  • Spread border
  • Rolled border
  • Gretchen border
  • Rib & frame border
  • Rib & frame binding


We can alter the weave used to manufacture your willow basket to add greater strength or to make a superbly produced product even more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Single Weave
  • Triple Weave
  • Vertical Weave
  • Circular Weave

Seen a combination you like?

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