Willow Direct - Wholesale Wicker Baskets and Basketware for Trade

2021: Moving Forward

After such a challenging year in 2020, we want to say a big Thank You to all of our customers from everyone here at Willow Direct. We’re going into 2021 far better prepared for the unexpected but we’ve had to make a few changes.

What's changed in 2021?

For the first time in 7 years, we’ve made the tough decision to increase our prices in 2021. This obviously has a direct impact on you, our customer, so we thought we should let you know what’s going on...


Willow Direct are able to supply the best basketware because we work with the best craftspeople. And we want the best craftspeople to be happy and to continue to work with us. We’re fully committed to working closely with our supply partners to ensure that improved general standards of living and working meet, and exceed, international regulations.


The global pandemic obviously had a massive impact on international travel and shipping. The affects are still being felt as we move into 2021. This has pushed import costs up to record levels. So, unfortunately, it’s going to cost us all a little bit more to get our products into our warehouses for the foreseeable future.


All the willow used to produce our basketware is coppiced from fast-growing regenerating crops that are cultivated solely for this purpose, sustaining traditional farming methods without the use of chemical application. However, as global temperatures have risen, this year’s crops have struggled to grow as well as they have in previous years. A shortage of the best quality willow, essential for producing our products, has seen prices rise significantly.